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The Play Revolution Has Begun! UBP SUCCESS!

Posted on: October 4, 2010


NYC celebrates play and learning!

NYC celebrates play and learning!


THANK YOU NEW YORK!  50,000+ people gathered in Central Park on Sunday October 3 to launch the first ever Ultimate Block Party (UBP). “Incredible!” “Amazing!” “FUN!”  Yes – “fun.” Now there is a word you don’t hear much these days.  But the families who came to the park on this crisp fall day were exploring forts made out of cardboard boxes and reading geomaps on their iPhones as they played the HALI hide-and-seek game.  All this while learning through play. Check out some pictures of the event and of one of our special spokespeople, mother and actress Mariska Hargitay, as she played and learned with her son, August, and her husband, Peter.


Mariska Hargitay & family

Special Spokesperson Mariska Hargitay & family read, learn, & play!


Learning isn’t about flashcards and facts but it is about active play and exploration – the science is clear!  This message rang out clearly from all of the parents, experts, scientists, masters of their fields, and everyone involved with the Ultimate Block Party.  Together, we transformed the Naumburg Band Shell in Central Park into a living, breathing display about the science of learning.  But without YOU, the FAMILIES, the Ultimate Block Party could not have been the amazing experience that it was.  All of us, from the youngest children to parents and experts came together to play and learn.  THANK YOU families, sponsors, the hundreds of volunteers, evaluators, world-class scientists and researchers, and to the entire City of New York for making this such a success.  Special thanks to the National Science Foundation and the Science of Learning Centers for their generous support.  Let’s continue to be a part of this play revolution in New York and beyond!


This blog was written by Drs. Jennifer Zosh, Assistant Professor at Pennsylvania State University, Brandywine, and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Professor at Temple University.


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